Powdercoat Colour Range

Please note that the colours provided are a guide only and have been matched as closely as possible to Knotwood's production standards under daylight conditions. As we have no control over the resolution and screens that the colours are viewed on, some degree of colour variation may occur. Where more than one finish is available, product colour may vary. We recommend that you use production line prepared samples for final colour selection or approval.

Interpon Vivica Pearlescent Range

  1. Storm Front Matt GL294A
    Storm Front Matt GL294A
  2. Citi Matt GL211A
    Citi Matt GL211A
  3. Charcoal Pearl Matt GY237A
    Charcoal Pearl Matt GY237A
  4. Charcoal Metallic Gloss GMO019A
    Charcoal Metallic Gloss GMO019A
  5. Anthracite Satin GY144A
    Anthracite Satin GY144A
  6. Ultra Silver Gloss GY070A
    Ultra Silver Gloss GY070A
  7. Pewter Pearl Satin GY199A
    Pewter Pearl Satin GY199A
  8. Palladium Silver Satin GY184C
    Palladium Silver Satin GY184C
  9. Mystic Matt GY236A
    Mystic Matt GY236A
  10. Black Onyx Gloss GY042A
    Black Onyx Gloss GY042A
  11. Asteroid Pearl Matt GY270A
    Asteroid Pearl Matt GY270A
  12. Treasured Silver Satin GW103K
    Treasured Silver Satin GW103K

Interpon Sable Collection

  1. Silver Texture GY301A
    Silver Texture GY301A
  2. Bass Texture GN297A
    Bass Texture GN297A
  3. Asteroid Texture GN271A
    Asteroid Texture GN271A
  4. Core Ten Texture GX350A
    Core Ten Texture GX350A
  5. Brilliance Texture GL277A
    Brilliance Texture GL277A
  6. Black Texture GN341A
    Black Texture GN341A

Interpon Collection Anodic

  1. Slate Grey Matt GY218A
    Slate Grey Matt GY218A
  2. Silver Grey Matt GL237A
    Silver Grey Matt GL237A
  3. Saints Bronze Matt GY101A
    Saints Bronze Matt GY101A
  4. Off White Matt GD227A
    Off White Matt GD227A
  5. Nighthawk Matt GY244A
    Nighthawk Matt GY244A
  6. Natural Matt GY235A
    Natural Matt GY235A
  7. Champagne Matt GY276A
    Champagne Matt GY276A
  8. Dark Grey Matt GL213A
    Dark Grey Matt GL213A
  9. Bronze Satin GY114A
    Bronze Satin GY114A

Interpon Trend Collection

  1. Natural Shimmer Matt GY21AA
    Natural Shimmer Matt GY21AA
  2. Dark Bronze Matt GY20BA
    Dark Bronze Matt GY20BA
  3. Black Ink Matt GN21BA
    Black Ink Matt GN21BA
  4. Mercury Silver Gloss GW003K
    Mercury Silver Gloss GW003K
  5. French Champange Matt GX207C
    French Champange Matt GX207C
  6. Medium Bronze Texture GY366A
    Medium Bronze Texture GY366A

Interpon Living Series

  1. Claret Satin GG142A
    Claret Satin GG142A
  2. Doeskin Satin GD188A
    Doeskin Satin GD188A
  3. Custom Black Matt GN248A
    Custom Black Matt GN248A
  4. Hamersley Brown GM100A
    Hamersley Brown GM100A
  5. Hawthorn Green GK030A
    Hawthorn Green GK030A
  6. Magnolia Gloss GD025A
    Magnolia Gloss GD025A
  7. NotreDame Gloss GL040A
    NotreDame Gloss GL040A
  8. Off White Matt GA211A
    Off White Matt GA211A
  9. Olde Pewter Satin GL175A
    Olde Pewter Satin GL175A
  10. Oyster Grey Matt GL258A
    Oyster Grey Matt GL258A
  11. Pearl White Gloss GA078A
    Pearl White Gloss GA078A
  12. Pottery Satin GM175A
    Pottery Satin GM175A
  13. Rivergum Gloss GD042A
    Rivergum Gloss GD042A
  14. Primrose Gloss GD037A
    Primrose Gloss GD037A
  15. Roseberry Gloss GL015A
    Roseberry Gloss GL015A
  16. Shoji White Satin GA160A
    Shoji White Satin GA160A
  17. Stone Beige White GD247A
    Stone Beige White GD247A
  18. Stomboli Satin GK148A
    Stomboli Satin GK148A
  19. Transformer Grey Gloss GL031A
    Transformer Grey Gloss GL031A
  20. Heritage Green Gloss GK044A
    Heritage Green Gloss GK044A
  21. Wizard Gloss GJ054A
    Wizard Gloss GJ054A
  22. White Birch Gloss GA057A
    White Birch Gloss GA057A
  23. White Satin GA124A
    White Satin GA124A
  24. Charcoal Gloss GL035A
    Charcoal Gloss GL035A
  25. Barley Gloss GD007A
    Barley Gloss GD007A
  26. APO Grey Satin GL107A
    APO Grey Satin GL107A
  27. Bright White Gloss GA030A
    Bright White Gloss GA030A
  28. Almond Ivory Gloss GD016A
    Almond Ivory Gloss GD016A
  29. Black Satin GN150A
    Black Satin GN150A

Interpon Excel Colourbond Steel Coordinates

  1. Surfmist GA236A Matt
    Surfmist GA236A Matt
  2. Shale Grey GL284A Matt
    Shale Grey GL284A Matt
  3. Sandbank GT116A Satin
    Sandbank GT116A Satin
  4. Sandbank GM216A Matt
    Sandbank GM216A Matt
  5. Paperbark GU114A Satin
    Paperbark GU114A Satin
  6. Paperbark GD214A Matt
    Paperbark GD214A Matt
  7. Pale Eucalypt GK236A Matt
    Pale Eucalypt GK236A Matt
  8. Pale Eucalypt GS136A Satin
    Pale Eucalypt GS136A Satin
  9. Night Sky GN121A Satin
    Night Sky GN121A Satin
  10. Momument GL229A Matt
    Momument GL229A Matt
  11. Monument GP129A Satin
    Monument GP129A Satin
  12. Manor Red GV162A Satin
    Manor Red GV162A Satin
  13. Manor Red GG262A Matt
    Manor Red GG262A Matt
  14. Loft GT136A Satin
    Loft GT136A Satin
  15. Loft GM236A Matt
    Loft GM236A Matt
  16. Jasper GT114A Satin
    Jasper GT114A Satin
  17. Jasper GM214A Matt
    Jasper GM214A Matt
  18. Ironstone GL236A Matt
    Ironstone GL236A Matt
  19. Evening Haze GM235 Matt
    Evening Haze GM235 Matt
  20. Dune GP152A Satin
    Dune GP152A Satin
  21. Dune GL252A Matt
    Dune GL252A Matt
  22. Deep Ocean GJ203A Matt
    Deep Ocean GJ203A Matt
  23. Cottage Green GK274A Matt
    Cottage Green GK274A Matt
  24. Classic Cream GU145A Satin
    Classic Cream GU145A Satin
  25. Classic Cream GD254A Matt
    Classic Cream GD254A Matt
  26. Bushland GS103A Satin
    Bushland GS103A Satin
  27. Bushland GK203A Matt
    Bushland GK203A Matt
  28. Blue Ridge GJ221A Matt
    Blue Ridge GJ221A Matt
  29. Woodland Grey GP105A Satin
    Woodland Grey GP105A Satin
  30. Woodland Grey GL205A Matt
    Woodland Grey GL205A Matt
  31. Windspray GP166A Satin
    Windspray GP166A Satin
  32. Windspray GL266A Matt
    Windspray GL266A Matt
  33. Wilderness GS189A Satin
    Wilderness GS189A Satin
  34. Wilderness GK289A Matt
    Wilderness GK289A Matt
  35. Headlands GV119A Satin
    Headlands GV119A Satin
  36. Headlands GG219A Matt
    Headlands GG219A Matt
  37. Surfmist GB136A Satin
    Surfmist GB136A Satin
  38. Shale Grey GP184A Satin
    Shale Grey GP184A Satin
  39. Ironstone GP136A Satin
    Ironstone GP136A Satin
  40. Evening Haze GT135A Satin
    Evening Haze GT135A Satin
  41. Deep Ocean GQ103A Satin
    Deep Ocean GQ103A Satin
  42. Cottage Green GS174A Satin
    Cottage Green GS174A Satin
  43. Blue Ridge GQ121A Satin
    Blue Ridge GQ121A Satin
  44. Night Sky GN231A Matt
    Night Sky GN231A Matt

Interpon Brights Range

  1. Brilliant Yellow Gloss GE097A
    Brilliant Yellow Gloss GE097A
  2. Bondi Blue Gloss GJ045A
    Bondi Blue Gloss GJ045A
  3. Jaybird Satin GJ174A
    Jaybird Satin GJ174A
  4. Lobster Gloss GG155A
    Lobster Gloss GG155A
  5. Lycra Strip Gloss GK063A
    Lycra Strip Gloss GK063A
  6. Sensation Gloss GF049A
    Sensation Gloss GF049A
  7. Shamrock Gloss GK051A
    Shamrock Gloss GK051A
  8. Viper Green Gloss GK051A
    Viper Green Gloss GK051A